• Increases immune system resistance
  • Prevents upper respiratory tract infections
  • Relieves symptoms of influenza and cold

  • High dose echinacea and zinc
  • Synergistic effect of multiple immune enhancers
  • Suitable for adults and children starting 6 years old

Our immune system does a remarkable job of protecting the body from disease-causing microorganisms. However, sometimes it fails as a result of several possible factors such as age, type of diet or physiological stress, leading to sickness. Increasing our immune system’s resistance, especially during the cold season when infections are more common, can help us avoid becoming ill. Immufort is a natural immunity booster which combines 16 powerful ingredients including: Echinacea extract, Ginseng extract, zinc, copper, vitamins and probiotics, all of which are clinically proven to prevent and treat influenza and cold.

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25 billion CFU of the most studied probiotic strains including guideline- recommended LGGTM, S. boulardii , in addition to WHO recommended zinc for children’s diarrhea.