What do supplements do?

One might wonder why the body would need food supplements, why our diet can’t provide us with the needed nutrients, or even how our ancestors survived way before food supplements even existed. The answer to these questions is as simple as this: Our diet does provide us with the needed nutrients, to survive. But in order for our body to thrive, fight disease and achieve maximum lifespan, a healthy diet is not enough, our body will need the boost and support provided by food supplements.


Now more than ever, a healthy diet on its own is not enough to optimize our body’s functions. On one hand, it has become fairly difficult to maintain a balanced healthy diet while juggling work, studies, family, social life and travel in this modern and fast-paced world. On the other hand, even if we do manage to maintain a balanced diet, which ideally consists of plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, proteins and healthy fats, we still won’t be getting the required amounts of vitamins and minerals into our bodies. Modern farming techniques have become so intensive and very reliant on pesticides and fertilizers. This has led to soil depletion, which is the stripping off of the vitamins and minerals from the soil in which the fruits, vegetables, and grains that we consume are grown. Therefore, with every new generation of crops, produce is becoming poorer and poorer in essential nutrients.


Here’s where food supplements come into play. The goal of food supplements is not to replace our diets, but to make up for the poor nutrient content of the many foods we are consuming in our daily diets.


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